Looking for Players from Boston, MA to Hartford, CT

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Looking for Players from Boston, MA to Hartford, CT

Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:39 pm

Greetings all,

Fairly new to Hobbit/LOTR SBG; I played a few small games many years ago when the first models for Fellowship were coming out, but then couldn't find enough opponents to keep it going. I recently started up again after picking up a large assortment of models. Now looking to find some people in my area. I live on the MA/CT border about 25 minutes from Worcester and 45 minutes from Hartford, but I go through Hartford most days for work. I'd be willing to travel and have enough models for a good and evil 500 pt army, but I am in the process of buying and painting additional units. I have a surplus of heroes and would be happy to lend/borrow for casual games.

I've caught up on the rules and watched a good number of battle reports, but I'll need a few games to get into the swing of it.



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