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Epic Shot Question

Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:15 pm

Hi all. I've lurked around TLA for years, and have found this site to be a great source of help and inspiration for LOTR. So I've finally registered. I've just started playing WOTR, and have come with a few questions.
One that we encountered last is related to Epic Shot. In the game we played, the issue we had was whether or not Legolas could use the Epic Shot even if the formation he's in moved more than 1/2 their move. My friend argued that Epic Shot is a shooting attack, and thus is subject to the Movement rules. My thought was that it is a special ability that trumps the Movement restrictions on Shooting. As I've thought about it and gone through the rules, here's my take:
1) In the Shoot phase, Formations make shooting attacks (pg 36). Shooting is restricted by Movement, Line of sight, being disordered, etc.
2) Epic Heroes are assumed to have wargear to match the formation they are in, though they themselves don't "add" extra dice to attacks (ie, Legolas doesn't have his 3 shots per turn as per SBG); though their stats and abilities boost/ affect their company/ formation.
3) Heroic/ Epic Actions are special functions that are triggered at certain times with special rules.
4) Epic Shot, though containing the word "shot" is not listed as a shooting attack, but rather something the character does- in some ways it is like casting a spell.
5) By contrast, Legolas' Crippling Shot is considered a Shooting ability (though taken in the move phase), with clear ruling that movement/ charging is not affected by it.
6) Another Contrast: Gimli's ability "Baruk Khazad" is considered a shooting attack (and doesn't require might to activate it).
7) If Movement prevents Epic Shot from being used, then what happens if the epic hero moves to another formation (and the formation doesn't move)?
8) Rules for shooting are based on the Formation. THe Epic ability is based solely on the Hero and his target.
Okay, there's my thinking on why Epic Shot should work even if the formation moves more than 1/2 distance.

Would welcome any clarification or help understanding what (or if) may restrict the use of Epic Shot.

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Re: Epic Shot Question

Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:58 pm

Pretty sure you are correct. If it were an attack it would say so. I've never heard of anyone questioning that before.

The Council of Wizardry's Thundercall ability is perhaps a good comparison, another special ability, but this one specifically says it is a shooting attack and it doesn't say it ignores the regular restrictions. That makes it pretty clear to me that if Epic Shot were meant to be a shooting attack, they would have said so.

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Re: Epic Shot Question

Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:33 am

Epic Shot is two sentences and its restrictions are that the target must be in the arc of sight and within 12". It has its own rules written out. Why was Line of Sight omitted? For the same reasons the movement restrictions were omitted, its not a shooting attack.
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