Boromir and lurtz

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Boromir and lurtz

Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:08 am

I've a problem with the italian translation, just a question: Boromir's special rule about automatic hits is equal to lurtz's special rule?? In the italian rulebook Boromir's rule is impossible to understand, probably because of a wrong translation.
Sorry for my English, thanks

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Re: Boromir and lurtz

Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:22 pm

It may not be because of translation.

A post on a different board wrote:There is some confusion over Mighty Blow because both Boromir and Lurtz have the ability but it is worded differently for each of them. A strict "Rules as Written" interpretation would be that Boromir's version of the ability ONLY works in a duel, as it says hits HE inflicts, and heroes only fight as themselves in duels; while Lurtz's version says hits his formation inflicts, meaning his ability only works in the regular fight and NOT in duels.

Personally, I think they meant for both abilities to be identical and to work like Lurtz' because the ability seems awfully powerful if applied to duels but when writing the entry for Boromir they forgot how Epic Heroes in the game work and were just thinking like an Independent Character in Warhammer.

You should discuss the issue with your local play group and come to a decision on how you want to treat them and then be consistent.

Essentially, it is badly worded. Here is a thread on The One Ring that discusses it further ... ow#p233038

Hope that helps.

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