Concerning Map Campaigns...

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Concerning Map Campaigns...

Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:29 am

When I first noticed this possibility with the War of the Ring game, I was blown away by what that could potentially mean. To me this meant doing something right out of a strategy video game faction campaign.

Here is how I would write the rules for a continental campaigning game:

Playable factions:
1. Gondor
2. Rohan
3. Elves
4. Dwarves
5. Dale
6. Isengard
7. Mordor
8. Goblins
9. Easterlings
10. Haradrim

Each faction would have its own allies and enemies among themselves, and all Epic Heroes would instead be Legendary Formations. All formations would be of maximum size and in-game pricing would not be in points but rather an in-game monetary system where each faction has its own currency:

Gondor = gold
Rohan = silver
Elves = emerald
Dwarves = diamond
Dale = sapphire
Isengard = malachite
Mordor = ebony
Goblins = garnet
Easterlings = amethyst
Haradrim = ruby

There would also be a currency exchange system for the above. Each faction would pay for its military (including formations from allied factions) and infrastructure and for new provinces with its respective currency, and would earn its respective currency from Trade, Taxes, Mining, Fishing, Farming, Selling unwanted provinces to other factions, and from selling soldier formations to allied factions.

Each province would be marked by a portion of the board's hexagons, centered by a settlement of one of the following kinds:

Thorp = population of 100 or less
Hamlet = 101 to 500
Village = 501 to 1000
Town = 1001 to 5000
Suburb = 5001 to 15000
City = 15001 to 25000
Metropolis = 25001 or more

Yes, hexagons, all forming the giant continent of Middle-earth, including western half of Rhun and northern half of Harad, not just respectively the western edge and northern edge.

The Easterlings would own Khand and the Haradrim would own Umbar, for anyone wondering about their place in this "Map Campaign" ruling. Dunland would be, in the same way, part of Isengard.

I could go on (hyperbolically) forever about what my rules for continental campaigning in Middle-earth based in the Games Workshop WOTR game would be, but I am going to stop here in case anyone wants to ask me how I would rule anything else, or comment on it. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Concerning Map Campaigns...

Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:55 am

What kind of population do the Moria Goblins have and what are your sources ;)

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Re: Concerning Map Campaigns...

Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:24 pm

This is a great idea. Is there any more information floating around on how this might be done?

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