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King's Champion

Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:11 am

I've always wanted the King's Champion model and given I'm currently back and interested in the game I wanted to reward myself =)

So far I've only painted the Champion, still have the Heralds to do!

But so far so good, my two main issues so far are that I've had to reconstitute some paints (some are 10 years old and have been reconstituted so many times that they're just becoming hard to work with) and also my skills have atrophied away, so I haven't done any freehand with this one. Maybe I will on the cloak if I get some more practice in!

I still tried to do some blending/highlighting on the cloak and fuzzy bit on the top of the helmet (I'm sure that's the technical term!).

Anyway, a few other pics on the blog (


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