Cheap 'n' easy pallisades

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Cheap 'n' easy pallisades

Thu May 03, 2012 3:50 pm

One of the simplest military fortifications is a simple log fence, called a pallisade. I have some nice commercial pieces in my collection, as seen in my recent Edoras game, and have been tinkering with kebab skewers, cocktail sticks and twigs for scratchbuilt sections. However, while browsing my local supermarket I stumbled upon a Sushi Mat. This comprises a series of slender wooden dowels connected at various points by cotton thread. The photo below - with a couple of LOTR miniatures for comparison purposes - shows what I mean:


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Obviously the sections would have to be cut to size and probably painted to appear less garish, but for 84 pence I should be able to get five eight-inch (20cm) sections of pallisade that is tall enough to provide a serious obstacle to enemies and which can flow around natural or man-made features since I'm not stuck with straight lines. Obviously a base needs to be provided but green card and some temporary adhesive allows maximum flexibility. A rampart is a separate issue, but if you want your troops to be able to shoot or throw missiles from the walls then give them some tree stumps (twigs), carts or barrels to stand on.

A typical real world example of what a pallisade might look like is on the website below, and modellers can weather, modify and tweak to their hearts' content.

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Re: Cheap 'n' easy pallisades

Fri May 04, 2012 9:59 pm

They make nice rope bridges too!
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