Ignorance and hatred of non- SBG players

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Re: Ignorance and hatred of non- SBG players

Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:10 am

I hate to bump a topic from a few months but this couldnt be more true. When I go to my local games workshop, I couldnt feel more alienated. Every time the employees dont give a **** about my SBG/Lotr questions. I even asked who the LOTR guy is for that store after talking to a guy who pushed me away for ten minutes and asked me about getting into warhammer....guess what....he was that stores SBG expert.......

I could barely talk with them. Its like youre a leper when you try to talk about anything but warhammer and im not just complaining....it hurts....cause the best part about this hobby is community.

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Re: Ignorance and hatred of non- SBG players

Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:21 am

@ Boromirs_A_MAN_Suck_It Sorry to hear of your negative experience but it's not unusual. In this instance I would complain to head office, since the effect of the store staff is less selling you Warhammer and more driving you away from LOTR. It's a lost sale and that might cause a quiet word from his boss.

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Re: Ignorance and hatred of non- SBG players

Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:13 am

Another irritating comment...

complains that a skirmish game doesn't play well in huge battles...
Claims that LOTR SBG is based on a flawed core, whereas Warhammer 40K is fast paced and well designed... Complains that LOTR models are too fragile (I think he was just too clumsy, being used to the thick and chunky and vastly more durable models of 40K).
Claims that most LOTR models are ugly...

Games I would play with my friends would take 4 hours or more, even at 750 pts. Uruks vs Dwarves. Both sides had to roll 5s to kill anything and that was impossible since it was impossible to do more than 5 damage a turn. The ranged weapon system is so underpowered it might as well not exist and the games I played relied entirely on how many heroes you brought to the board. When I started playing 40k it amazed me how easy it was to kill infantry and how fast paced the game was. You had a whole access to a rang of different things and you could play however you want. The models were ugly (some of them not all) and broke easily. I haven't played any of the new stuff and I didn't bother as getting them as I knew a Lotr player would never appear at my FLGS. And they never did...

40k has issues but unlike lotr it didn't operate under a flawed core. We may have threads filled with cries of "Taudar cheese" and "triptide cheese". Overall Lotr felt like a chore to play and not like a game.

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Re: Ignorance and hatred of non- SBG players

Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:08 am

Wow......I count myself lucky my local GW store guy here in Northampton UK has been great to talk to about the game and similar experience on recent visit to store in Stratford Upon Avon.
I much rather play a game with the classic or pure style of fantasy background I get with hobbit/lotr.

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