Lore-Compatible Chariot models for cheap

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Lore-Compatible Chariot models for cheap

Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:01 am

I have figured out a way to make a lore-accurate model for the Khandish Charioteer and Khandish Hero in Chariot profiles. It goes like this (click the links to know what I am talking about):

for "Great Laden Wains":
Build Assyrian Chariots from HaT models. Then, attach them to 60mm round closed bases. Separately, assemble an Easterling infantry trio as normal (but don't decorate the base quite yet). Then, remove their shields and use sticker paper to make a lamellar armor pattern. Next, replace their swords with axes made from 25mm toothpick section and 24mm-long, 8mm-broad diamond of duct tape. Make the triangular sides meet, 2mm in the middle of each triangular side wrapping over the end of the toothpick section. Cut a rounding edge to the broad side of the newly-formed triangle. Next, saw the men off their bases and glue some blu-tack to their feet. This will allow these Easterling models to alternate between mounted and dismounted. Finally, paint them your select colors (without painting the blu-tack) and stick them in the chariots.

The total cost of this process, provided you have tape and toothpicks in your home, will be $27.54 for the models and another $4.41 for the blu-tack. The total will be $31.95, which will save you $49.80 on every three chariots.

For "Chariots of Chieftains":
do the same as above, but give the men 10mm long toothpick tips for helmet-spikes pointing up, and use Green Stuff to make capes for them. And for the chariots, swap out Assyrian chariots for Indian Chariots (fewer horses, distinguishing wagon from chariot)

And, making "Chariots of Chieftains" is $2.71 cheaper than making "Great Laden Wains"

That's my conversion idea for today ;)

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Re: Lore-Compatible Chariot models for cheap

Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:58 am

Do you plan to do this?
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Re: Lore-Compatible Chariot models for cheap

Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:39 pm

The models you linked to are pretty cool, but you should double check the scale. The linked models are 1/72 scale, which would mean the figures are just under 1 inch tall, while the LOTR figures are 28mm (which equates to about 1/56) which means the figures are about 1 1/2 inch.

While these figures may not work, there are some good ones just like them on New Line Design:
http://newlinedesigns.co.uk/index.php?m ... ts_id=6500

Egyptian Prince:
http://newlinedesigns.co.uk/index.php?m ... cts_id=920

Egyptian Light Charriot:
http://newlinedesigns.co.uk/index.php?m ... ts_id=1052

Canaanite Chariot:
http://newlinedesigns.co.uk/index.php?m ... ts_id=6891

just some suggestions...

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