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Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:45 am

In this thread all winners of scenario competitions will be collected to be on display forever and ever and ever.
Or until something happens and this thread disappears I guess.

Scenario Competition lotr-sbg 09-10/10
Winner: Beren the One Handed
As Saurons grip loosens on Harad,intent on some other task,the treacherous Serpent Lord,Sula break into rebellion.Finally the haven of Umbar
itself descends into chaos,with the Harashin and lords loyal to Sauron trying to dispose of
the rebel leaders.But with the city in anarchy,the Corsairs see a golden opportunity to
join with the rebels and seize Umbar once and for all....


Defenders of Umbar
Golden King of Harad
2 Harashin
Haradrim chieftain
6 Abrakhan Guards
36 Haradrim warriors
(12 with bows,24 with spears)
6 Haradrim raiders
(3 with bows,3 with spears)
1 warrior or raider may carry a banner.

The Rebels
Dalamyr,Fleetmaster of Umbar
Corsair Bo'Sun
Haradrim chieftain and Taskmaster
24 Haradrim warriors
(12 with bows,12 with spears)
24 Corsairs of Umbar
(8 with bows,8 with spears,8 with shields)

(For the case of the same sides using the same models,one team should either mark theirs or have them with an obvious different paint scheme)

This game is played on a board 4 x 4 foot/48 x 48 inches.In the center of the board place a large building that represents the palace of Umbar.Scatter some other Umbar buildings around the palace (make sure at least three 28mm bases can fit through the streets).One board edge should represent a harbour/dockside with a corsair ship moored there.There should also be some rubble and other miscellanous items (such as an overturned cart) strewn about the streets to show the rebellious state of the city.

The Rebels deploy within 6" of the harbour edge or on-board the corsair ship while the Defenders deploy within 8" of the palace.

The Rebels must score 30 Victory points before they are wiped out to win the game:
-Burn the Palace: 5 points
-Kill the Golden King: 10 points
-Each looted artifact (carried onto the corsair ship): 2 points
-Each Harashin/Chieftain slain: 1 point
-Dalamyr is slain: -10 points

Any other result is a Defender victory.

Special Rules

Loot-The items of gold and other valuable artifacts the Rebels wish to loot are represented by small tokens or counters.A Rebel may claim a single
artifact by moving into base contact with the palace-place a counter on/with the Rebel.A Rebel can seize an unclaimed counter by moving into base contact with it during the Move phase.The artifacts are otherwise treated as light objects, as described in the main rules manual.

Harashin-The Harashin have been deployed behind enemy lines in order to assasinate the Rebel leaders.To show this,in the Dedfenders' Move phase of turn 3 the Harashin are deployed on-board the corsair ship.They may not charge in the turn they arrive but may otherwise act as normal.

Burning the Palace-The Rebels may attempt to set fire to the palace in the Fight phase,providing they are in base contact and have permormed no action other than moving that turn.The Rebel player may roll a D6 for every model attempting to set fire to the palace.On each roll of a 5 or 6,the fire catches hold-indicate this with a suitable marker for each roll of a 5 or 6.At the start of each turn,before Priority is rolled,add an additional marker to the palace as the fire rages through the building.If the winning roll for Priority is lower than the number of markers on the palace,it collapses-replace it with a suitable pile of rubble.Any model inside (or on top) suffers a single strength 10 hit (as well as any falling damage) and are knocked to the ground.Defenders may attempt to douse the flames in the palace in the Fight phase,providing they are in base contact and have made no action other than moving that turn.The player may roll a D6 for each of his/her models attempting to douse the flames.For each roll of a 6 they have been partially succesful-remove a marker for each 6 rolled.The Rebels can still loot artifacts from the palace once its alight,but will suffer a single strength 8 hit if they do so.

*Out of breath* ha,haw,ha,haw.Finally :mrgreen:

Scenario Competition wotr 09-10/10
Winner: Chris Guard of Mardat
The Haradrim Rebel

As Gondor’s hold on Harad loosens, the Haradrim there decide to claim the city of Umbar for their lords, who send the Hasharin to assassinate the Gondorian commanders. But a few Haradrim still believe that Gondor will be a better ruler than the future Lords of Umbar, and fight back against the rebels. Promised riches by Gondor, they fight like mad men, trying to crush the Haradrim rebels. But as the Haradrim rebels fight, the Corsairs of Umbar join them, ready to destroy the Gondorians and take the city for themselves…



4 Companies Haradrim with Bows and a Hasharin
4 Companies Haradrim with a Banner Bearer, Captain and a Hasharin
6 Companies Haradrim Raiders with a Banner Bearer, Captain and the Tormented Steeds Fate
3 Companies Haradrim Raiders with Bows
2 Companies Serpent Guard with a Banner Bearer
4 Companies Corsairs with Shields, a Corsair Bo’sun and Corsair Captain
2 Companies Corsairs with Bows


4 Companies Abrakhan Guard
6 Companies Minas Tirith Warriors with Banner Bearer, Horn-blower and Captain
2 Companies Minas Tirith Warriors
4 Companies Minas Tirith Archers with Horn-blower
6 Companies Minas Tirith Knights with Shields, Captain and Banner Bearer
3 Companies Minas Tirith Knights
3 Companies Rangers of Gondor
2 Avenger Bolt Throwers

Deployment and Set-up:

The game is played on a board 6’ by 4’. The Evil player places up to 3 hills and up to 3 dying woods (counts as normal woods, may hold up to 3 companies) anywhere on the board, although the dying woods must be within 18”/42cm of another dying wood. At least one hill must be placed in the Evil player’s deployment zone. The good player than places up to 6 ruins anywhere on the board, although they must be with 18”/42cm of another ruin. At least 2 ruins must be deployed in the Good player’s deployment zone.
Players roll off to see who deploys first, the winner can decide or let the other person choose. Good sets up within 12”/28cm of the North board edge. Evil sets up within 12”/28cm of the South board edge.


Special Rules:

The Corsair Raiders.
The Corsair companies arrive on turn 3 from the East board edge, during the Evil Players Move Phase. They may not At the Double! on turn 3, but may otherwise act normally. They also have a Hasharin in their formation, even though they may not normally.
Blow the Horns! The Minas Tirith Knights arrive on turn 2 anywhere within 10”/24cm of the North West corner. They may not At the Double! on turn 2, but may otherwise act normally.

Alternate armies:

Although the participant’s are listed above, the exact army used isn’t know, so can use other models, using any point’s value. The Good player must field 3+ companies of the Abrakhan Guard and may select their army from any of the following: Minas Tirith Warriors (one formation must include a horn-blower), Minas Tirith Archers (one formation must include a horn-blower), Minas Tirith Knights, Rangers of Gondor and up to 50 points of War Machines for every 500 Points. The Evil must spend between ¼ and ½ of their Points on Corsairs (including a Hasharin in one formation, for the normal 50 Points). They must than spend the rest of the points on Haradrim Raiders, Haradrim Warriors (at least one formation must include a Hasharin, although no more than 4 formations can include one) and up to 50 points on Serpent Guard or Watchers of Karna for every 500 Points.

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