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Re: Community Project: Struggle in the East Supplement

Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:39 pm

If your moving the project to the one ring please keep us updated here on TLA .
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Re: Community Project: Struggle in the East Supplement

Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:00 am

Anything new lately?
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Re: Community Project: Struggle in the East Supplement

Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:04 am

In a way. (pre-emptive TLDR) If you are looking for a way to help out, look at the profiles at the end of the post and play a few games with your friends. You should be able to integrate them into any battle companies campaign or regular battles. Feedback on anything appreciated, even spelling.

I'm working on a hero creator as a "mini game" aspect. This originally started because I wanted the kings/lords of the east to not just be copies of kings of men or khandish kings. Played around with people selecting their own stats to make them unique so they have the same amount of available stats as a khandish king, but not in the same category. So there would be options to make them S5 and A3, but the 2 extra points would have to come out of some other stat, possibly leaving them without fate, will, have a lower fight or courage so that they always have a weakness. Wargear/armour would also be allocated as a point, so you couldn't just add heavy armour and a shield on the end to make up for it. Added to this would be special rules/abilities, some brand new, other taken from current LOTR/Hobbit profiles.

I decided not to go with this option for the time being as it is a little too simple and doesn't promote much. Seeing the amount of posts where new people ask "What do i get?" on TLA and OR respectively, the main answer ends up being something like: spend 500 pounds and get everything, then get more. Doesn't really help people get into an army and in fact snows them under with a huge painting backlog IF they even have enough money to get started. So I have been looking into the same modifiable character as before, but in a manner similar to battle companys to encourage the controlled, budgeted, enthusiastic and playable approach to growing an army which is no longer provided as a template by White Dwarf as it used to be (and made some great articles for battle reps, conversions and paint jobs).

A summary so far:
Rise of a Legend Mini Game
The history of Middle Earth is filled with many unique characters; some more notable than others for reasons both good and bad. In the Eastern Realms of Middle Earth, men have toiled through many hard years of learning, famine and strife and among these there are some who desire to rise above all others. Though none of these characters have a direct impact on the War of the Ring, the quest of the Fellowship to destroy the One Ring or the quest of the Dwarves and Bilbo Baggins to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, their legacy may still be heard in the courts, taverns and houses of Middle Earth. The fate of these characters is in your grasp and your actions dictate either the rise of a legendary hero or another name lost in history.

Among men, magic is rare thing, but one can still become great with extraordinary feats of skill, strength or cunning. The path to your destiny remains to be seen...

Character Selection
To ensure a start on even footing, do not reveal your characters profile until all players have completed it, then reveal it to each other at the same time.
Begin by selecting a model to represent your character and give them a name.
Select the class/expertise of your character (see below)
Select a single weapon to be their primary weapon. Eg sword, axe, bow, spear.
Add 1 Fate point to their profile.
Give your character 1 additional statistic (Fight +1, Shoot -1, S +1, D +1, A +1, W +1, C +1, Might +1, Will +1, Fate +1). You may elect to obtain another item of wargear instead of this statistic.
Reveal your character to your opponents.
(You may prefer to do this during a battle and are not required to specify which model is your hero until it becomes necessary. eg: you have 2 attacks for a model or hit with a ranged attack on a lower than normal roll. Don't be a bad sport, reveal it where appropriate and make sure everyone is going to reveal their character in the same manner so no-one feels hard done by.)

The below details are not finialised, I will edit them a bit more tomorrow when I have more time
Rogue: Think Hasharin/Dalamyr for stats. Limited to Leather Armour (D5) skills like can't be trappen, poisions, morgul blade, concealing (lorien) cloak

Ranger: Similar to Dunedain/Haldir. Limited to Chain Mail (D6) skills like woodland creature, expert shot, healing herbs, concealing cloak, warhounds.

Warrior: Your regular brawlers with a few more special tricks. Max D8, but only achieveable by choosing the right skills - alternatively might be stronger with 2h weap or 2x weapons, but can't have a shield so D7. Still nutting out the skills but stuff like shield bash (stun), charge bonus (on foot), in the way rolls to wound in addition to high D.

Fight a battle with 1 hero and an agreed points value. No need for warbands at the inital stage, but no reason not to. Just field whatever models you can (this is to allow new players with low model count to forget about warbands restrictions). Hero's gain exp in a manner similar to battle companies but can choose skills rather than roll for them (if that is what everyone agrees to).
Battle companies details are found here:
Some ideas taken from here also:
Calculator for certain items:

Thanks for your interest!

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