weapon specials ideas.

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weapon specials ideas.

Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:03 pm

So you know the feint special strike being like the opposite of the general consensus on sword's ,that being that swords are normally skilful weapons, well I think I may have and idea for the sword special strike.
When feinting add 1 D3 to your fight value. If you win the combat, detract 1 D3 for your strength score. Your strength cannot be lower than 1.
Another idea I had was to make it so that only warriors with special rules regarding special weapon strikes may use them. This is a simple rule but boosts models like grimhammers who are severely over costed.

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Re: weapon specials ideas.

Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:36 pm

To be fair I think the main problem with feint is that it makes less skilled sword wielding troops better then more elite ones, as if they are higher F then you any way, there is no downside to it at all, whilst if you have High F you don't really want to use it.

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Re: weapon specials ideas.

Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:43 pm

The main problem with the weapon abilities is that they modify stat lines. This will automatically grant favor toward certain races more than others no matter how you spin it. That is why under the current rules, goblins use weapons better than anyone else, since they take no risks. This is also why Two Handed weapons are not unfair weapons. They do not modify statlines but instead modify dice rolls - which is even to everyone.

Therefore if you want a good Sword ability that is fair, you need to come up with a rule that does not modify stats. Here are some good examples that I have seen:

Passive Sword rule: Swords re-roll a roll of 1's in a Fight
Passive Sword Rule: Swords re-roll a roll of 1 to wound if the opposing model does not carry a shield
Active Sword rule: The bearer may choose to Fient. If he does so, This model recieves +1 to his fight roll and -1 to his wound roll.

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Re: weapon specials ideas.

Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:55 pm

Swords new feint idea: - 1 on to dice to win the fight, +1 on rolls to wound. Stacks with 2h weapon.

Reasoning - Feints are designed to draw enemies defence to an area before striking the unprotected area. They are, however difficult to pull off.

Axes new piercing strike idea: If you win the fight you get +1 to wound, however if you lose the fight the enemy gets +1 to wound you (OR enemy gets an extra/double attacks against you?). Stacks with 2h weapon

Reasoning - Axes can be swung with devastating force but if they miss they can unbalance the wielder and open them to counter attack.

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