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Re: Weather rules

Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:48 pm

@ Huan the Hound: thanks for the feedback and the ideas! You are absolutely right that some were better suited for certain types of weather, and this is what I meant that you have to agree with your opponent before playing the battle who is used to the heat/cold. In campaigns, you would decide this before the start of the campaign (this is the Setup Stage I'm talking about in the pdf). If you only want to use it in 1 battle, you should decide this before the battle, and perhaps give the army that is not used to the heat/cold some 10% to 20% extra points to spend.
Detailed terrain rules might be a good idea. Let me think of that (or rather, let me put that on my 'To Do' list).

@ da krimson barun: Huh, what? ;) Yes, I got lots of other projects, that's why I don't finish so many. Oh well..

@ typhoon2: It is surely difficult to balance, but as I said, I'm not all too bothered with balance. I would much rather loose because my warriors were struggling in the heat than because my opponent had just a little better army (read: he took an unthematic Shade-Reaver combo and other overpowered stuff).
Interesting point though about the Haradrim in the cold of the North! I've never thought about that actually. Their morale, however, was still very high. We are told in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields that they gave no quarter and expected none. In fact, the Haradrim (and the Easterlings) were the last ones to keep fighting there, against all odds at that point! Maybe they were did have some warmer clothes though, it would make sense to at least grab a few coats if you're going on campaign in the North, exactly for the reasons you mention. Also, they had quite some dealings (and war) with Gondor over the years of their existence, so I'm sure they knew it was colder up North.
For balance, indeed, the 'neutral' effects are better. Indeed, the battle is randomised after the forces are chosen.
Those cards are an excellent idea! I love it. :) You could, however, also do this with normal dice. Just say: if you roll X, then in the next turn, the rain will start, or for example in two turns from now. But either way, having cards would be much more fancy and will allow more 'forecasting' (or being in tone with nature and all) indeed. I like it!
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