My change in WHFB army choice

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My change in WHFB army choice

Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:06 am

Hello all. When I first stumbled upon Warhammer Fantasy I thought I wanted to be a general of Araby and the humans of it. That was all before I bothered researching into the Lizardmen and their realm of Lustria.

And I have to say... The Lizardmen army looks like a ton of fun to collect, model, paint & play!

And I don't have to look to alternative manufacturers for this army! But what are my real reasons for loving the Lizardmen? My valid reasoning is as follows:

1. Their Lords & Heroes embody Batrachology, the study of Amphibians, and I love amphibians so much I wish I had a few True Toads (Bufonidae) as pets

2. Their Core, Special, and even Rare units resemble Herpetology, the study of Reptiles, including my favorite reptiles, the Dinosaurs and the flying Pterosaurs. The Carnosaur and Troglodon are respectively based on Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus!

3. Their technology is very Aztec-like, which as far as I am aware is very unusual in Fantasy Fictions.

4. They are probably the most unusual civilization in Fantasy Fiction, in fact Dungeons & Dragons and the Elder Scrolls video game series are the only other fictions I am aware of with Reptilian Peoples to them (Lizardfolk and Argonians, respectively)

5. According to Warhammer Lore, the Lizardmen have temple cities in Lustria and in the jungle-lands south of the Tomb Kings' lands, known as "The Southlands".

6. These people also have a temple city under construction in the island of Albion, meaning to me they might have connections with the Warhammer Celts and/or Gaels, basically my Warhammer World kin as I as a US citizen have ancestry among Real Life's ancient & medieval Celts.

7. They rely mostly on javelins and blowpipes for long range combat, making them probably the least generic Fantasy army there is... can't be certain on that given how new I am to Warhammer...

8. They are able to fight off various enemies all over Warhammer World, and they are on the side that I believe to be the "good side", the forces of Order.

9. According to Warhammer Lore they are also the oldest culture in Warhammer World.

So there I have put it, my reasons for switching from Araby to Lizardmen for my Warhammer Army affiliation.

I am very excited to get my hands on the Warhammer Rules manual and the Lizardmen army book so I can get started with these Aztec-like epitomes of Reptile & Amphibian Zoology, the zoology I am aspiring to be a Doctorate degree scholar, or at least Master's degree scholar, of. In fact, let's make that my 10th and final reason for changing my WHFB identity to "Lizardmen General", "Because they are an entire civilization that embodies my aspiration of becoming a Herpetologist (that conserves a museum's knowledge of both reptiles and amphibians, prehistoric and present ones)".

Thank you for reading this, I do love the Lizardmen and look forward to any new troop types Games Workshop may have for them (i.e. Monstrous Cavalry in the form of Saurus people on steeds based on Iguanodon)

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