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Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:02 pm

This is kind of a "history of the game" question that probably only the very old timers will be able to answer.

I've been taking inventory of all my minis after a long break - yikes do I have a lot of minis. I was surprised to find that there was one thing missing that I was expecting to find - some dice from The Fellowship of The Ring. I have good and evil Two Towers dice, and good and evil Return of the King dice. I don't know if GW ever released any more subsequent Tolkien themed dice after that?

After I thought about it awhile (my memory is rather sketchy), I'm thinking that maybe the original Fellowship dice packs were released in very limited numbers, and I never got any. Or maybe they never released any at all? But I seem to recall some green dice with a Lothlorien leaf on them?

A Google search didn't turn up any more info for me, although apparently there were some "Mines of Moria" dice released. And for some reason, I don't remember those at all.

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