Tim's UK GT Evil force musings

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Tim's UK GT Evil force musings

Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:29 am

It has long been a practice of mine to post my GT armies as I ponder their configuration and play test them. It's a habit I got out of when I stopped attending tournaments on a regular basis, but since Adam Troke challenged me to try an win the UK GT in 2018 I thought I'd get back into the habit again. As I have only a few weeks until the tournament I decided to go with forces that I already have painted and have a fair bit of playing experience with. Though as it turns out my gaming experience with Good armies is somewhat lacking.

The tournament is a Good versus Evil so I have to create and practice with two armies.

Evil Force:

This force is one of the strongest I've ever fielded. I stopped using these models because they weren't really a challenging force to play in my local gaming scene and I preferred to sharpen my skills by using armies that struggled to win games. The tactics for this force are relatively simple. They are pretty much a blunt instrument and you just bash your opponent with them. Flanking and trapping models still plays a part, but the heroes are all brutes and the fighting line is a bunch of armour cracking fiends.

Shagrat is a monster and his two supporting combat heroes are not much less so. Kardush provides me with both a shaman and a combat caster. His fireballs are not to be taken lightly and have finished off more than on injured hero or removed a troublesome banner from play. The trackers are there mostly as fuel for Kardush, but they also provide at least a modicum of arrow support for the force. Trackers have performed brilliantly on occasion, but more often than not they just die to either Kardush's special rule or the die plugging holes or as speed bumps to flankers. They are the best archers that Mordor has to offer in terms of accuracy and price point.

As I have a fair bit of experience with this force deployment and tactics aren't as much of a problem. My weak points in this force is actually how to use the heroes to their full effectiveness. Might management is a skill I need to brush up on and I need to improve my tactical 'muscle memory' to the new scenarios. I made a lot of dumb decisions in my last game with these guys which resulted not only in a draw, but also a generally poor performance overall.

Shagrat, War Leader of Cirith Ungol
6 Black Guards of Barad-dûr
6 Morannon Orcs with Spear

Captain of the Black Guard
6 Black Guards of Barad-dûr
6 Morannon Orcs with Spear

Morannon Orc Captain with Shield
6 Black Guards of Barad-dûr
6 Morannon Orcs with Spear

Kardûsh the Firecaller
12 Orc Trackers

Points = 700
Models = 52
BP (50%) > 26
Rout (25%) <= 13

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Re: Tim's UK GT Evil force musings

Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:11 pm

That's a pretty tough force, and good number of models. Mobility will be a weakness of this army list, as will Courage. Wish you luck!

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