Tim's UK GT Good force musings

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Tim's UK GT Good force musings

Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:19 am

It has long been a practice of mine to post my GT armies as I ponder their configuration and play test them. It's a habit I got out of when I stopped attending tournaments on a regular basis, but since Adam Troke challenged me to try an win the UK GT in 2018 I thought I'd get back into the habit again. As I have only a few weeks until the tournament I decided to go with forces that I already have painted and have a fair bit of playing experience with. Though as it turns out my gaming experience with Good armies is somewhat lacking.

The tournament is a Good versus Evil so I have to create and practice with two armies.

Good Force:
Duirn's Folk
This is the second iteration of this force so far. I did a game and they did well in their original configuration, but given I got a draw in Lords of Battle isn't exactly a raving review. Admittedly a Uruk-hai Shaman is to blame for reducing the number of dead uruks by a third. This game did show me that while I could take a punch I was lacking in the ability to inflict damage in a short amount of time. Since I will only have two hours to complete each game I need to improve my ability to inflict casualties. So I swapped out some warriors for some Iron Guard. This dropped my model count by two, but gained me three brawlers in return. As they are attached to Balin's war band they can act as his bodyguards to prevent VPs being taken by killing my general.

I'm still working out tactics and deployment options. The weakest links are the archers and spears in terms of defense, but if those two link up they become a much tougher section of the line. Still toying whether the archers should stay as flankers or be put into my center.

Balin, son of Fundin
3 Iron Guards
9 Dwarf Warriors with Shield

Dwarf Captain with Shield
9 Dwarf Warriors with Shield

Flói Stonehand
10 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf bow

Army of Thror
Young Dwalin
12 Warriors of Erebor with Spear

Points = 700
Models = 47
BP (50%) > 24
Rout (25%) <= 12

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