Orc based army: How to start?

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Orc based army: How to start?

Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:12 pm

Hi all,

we are starting to play WOTR pretty soon and actually I´m heavily thrilled by plain Orcs in LOTR game therefore I like to run an Orc based army in WOTR too. But unfortunately I have no clue how to do this.

Orcs seem to be pretty weak compared to other troop types (note: everything here is pure theory because I haven´t played a game right now), but eventually there is some good hero who can lead them to battle? Maybe an appropriate Ringwraith, because taht´s an other thing I really want to play as well as Orcs on WArgs.

To sum it up:

I´m searching for some good combos / advice regarding an army which consists of Orcs, Orcs on Wargs and Ringwraiths.

Every and all advice / idea is welcome.


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Re: Orc based army: How to start?

Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:48 am


Good to see new people starting WotR! The most important thing for an orc army is orcs, obviously. But I mean shed load of orcs... Do you have Battlehosts? Really good book, and also gives you something to work towards if building an army (you can find on Scribd :? ). Horde of Gorgoroth = utterly awesome. As you said, orcs a pretty weak, so their advantage is in vast numbers.

Ringwraith is a must, even better is the Witch king. Warg riders add tactical diversity, so would recommend at least six companies.

To add more tactical options, also consider adding more orc 'species'. I.e. Morranon orcs or mordor uruk hai, packs more a punch and gives more tactical options. Definitely get a troll (or five :D ) because these are what makes a mordor army.

This is your basic format for a mordor army, and of course you can now go and find formations or heroes that you like the look of to put in, because, in the end, it is your army!

Hope I helped!
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