New Dain Ironfoot, if any

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New Dain Ironfoot, if any

Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:17 am

Hello people. It has been a very long while since I interacted with this community, but I have a question:

I already asked Games Workshop if they are doing a citadel mini of the Billy Connolly version of Dain Ironfoot from the movie "Battle of Five Armies" but that leads us right into my question for here:

As someone who prefers the War of the Ring game to what's now the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game, would a Dwarf Holds player just use the exact same Ironfoot file for this version of Dain they would for the older GW edition of this character?

I am aware there is already a War of the Ring game version of Dain from the books, but would that same profile be applied to a miniature resembling the Five Armies movie version of Dain?

What I am asking is if anyone would profile a Five Armies model Dain differently, but truth be told I doubt anyone would. I know I wouldn't. But I am asking if others would. Thank you...

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Re: New Dain Ironfoot, if any

Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:42 am

I think he definitely should be profiled differently!

As mentioned, the current profile reflects Dain in his old age, as he over 250 years old.
A great Dwarven fighter, but far from his prime, which would have been during the Battle of Five Armies!

His updated profile should thus reflect this, in my opinion.
At this time, I guess only Glorfindel would have been able to outmatch/match his battle prowess?

The values that could/should be updated are:
* Fight Value
* Strength
* Special Rule; Venerable

His Fight Value should be 6, but when compared to the other heroes in the Durin's Folk list, this is matched by both Durin and the King's Champion. A Fight Value of 7 however would perhaps be too much for a Dwarf, so 6 would seem like the appropriate upgrade, despite the above mentioned fact.

Then there is the issue of his Strength which should be 5, as this should not be outmatched by the King's Champion.. Dain is in his prime during the Battle of Five Armies, and since he should not be Fight 7, then at least he should be Strength 5..

Lastly, one would need to remove his Special Rule; Venerable, as this of course again reflect his old age.

An improved profile, with the points mentioned above, would then be:

Dain Ironfoot, Lord of the Iron Hills
Fight Value: 6
Strength: 5
Defence: 9
Attacks: 3
Wounds: 3
Courage: 7
Might: 3
Will: 3
Fate: 2
Special Rules: Barazantathûl. The Lord of the Iron Hills (same as The King under the Mountain).

His point cost should be 140 (+5 for increase in Fight Value, +5 for increase in Strength, +5 for removal of a negative Special Rule). This puts him at the same cost as a certain King of the High-Elves...

Also there is a question of whether he should have a Special Rule to reflect the fact that he actually slayed Azog in the books. Should he have some sort of re-roll to Wound against Azog, just like Thorin's "A Score to Settle"?
This would take him to about 145 points.

What do you think?

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Re: New Dain Ironfoot, if any

Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:09 am

Sounds good.
It would be nice for him to have a special rule of his own. Have to think about one.

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Re: New Dain Ironfoot, if any

Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:19 pm


I am biased, but


We definitely need a new profile for Dain Ironfoot, in full charging battle mode.

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