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I only accept paypal and or through trades.
Buyer pays shipping (if you buy stuff worth 100£, transport is free).
Any other condition or exception will me described ahead of the product.


warhammer 40k:

10 plastic daemonettes(painted) 10£
plaguebearer and 2 nurglings (plastic) 1£

1 farseer (plastic) 7£
3 farseers (metal) 6£ each
2 warlocks 4£ each
12 guardians with 1 plastic platform 15£
15 guardians with 1 metal platform 15£
25 ish Dire avengers 26£
5 warp spiders (with exarch in it) 14.5£
5 rangers 12£
6 Banshes previous edition (with exarch) 12£
1 newesst edition fire prism 19£
1 previous edition fire prism 18£
2 Falcons 19£ each
1 wraithlord 14£
2 war walker 14£ each
1 wave serpent 19£
1 wave serpent custom torrent 17£

Grey Knights:
Brother Captain Stern 7£

BattleFleet Gothic (make an offer, I heard this all was average 50 to 70£)
1x Eclipse Class Cruiser + 2 extra wings
6x Hemlock Class Destroyers 2 with gun broken (came to me this way)
3x Aconite Frigates
6x Hellbore Frigates


5 WrathMongers (plastic assembled on round bases) 25£
Exalted DeathBringer ( plastic assembled on round base) 13£

High elves:
Karadryan 6.5£
Prince on Dragon(mcfarlane beowulf dragon) 30£
5 dragon princes 15£
20 spearmen 16£
10 archers 8£
2 Rbt´s 12£ each
phoenix 30£
20 phoenix guard 35£


Isildur (metal) 2£
Elendil and isildur casualties from sauron box 3£
6 Numenorians with shield/spear 3£ each
around 12 with shield and sword 1£ each (broken ones 0.5£ each)

Eomer on Foot (heroes of the west) 3£
Theodred Mounted 3£
Captain of Rohan Foot and Mounted(foot missing arm) 8£
6 metal rohan swords 3£
6 Riders of rohan without horse (5 with bow wielding) 1£ each
Some few Warriors of Rohan 1£ each

Galadriel 3£
Unarmoured Haldir with bow 7£
Wood elf Captain with blade and bow 3£ (reserved)
Haldir Elves (4x sword 1x bow) 3£ each
Galadhrim warriors 1,2£ each
Galadhrim knights 2,3£ each
Galadhrim captain with bow(finecast) 6£

Fellowship members (various poses)
- breaking of the fellowship hobbits 5£ each

Durin´s Folk
16 dwarf rangers 1£ each

Wanderer´s in the wild
- Radagast (metal) 5£
- Old Bilbo Baggins (metal) 4£

OOP goblin shaman 18£
3 metal Moria Goblins with bow 4£ each
4 gundabad blackshields 3£ each


As for trades, im looking for:(finecast originals or not)

Legolas Prince on mirk(foot mtd),
palace guard captain
20 mirkwood rangers,
2x mirkwood captains,
armoured elves(as many as I can get)

Galadrim spear arms(with hands or without)

Durin´s Folk:
King´s Champion and heralds
khazad guards
Banner with mask
Iron guard

High elves:
High elves with spear and shield

10-12 Erebor dwarves
Converted Grimhammers into erebor dwarves(preference)

Bard, Girion´s heir (foot mtd)
Laketown Militia
laketown Captain
Laketown guards

6-8 Easterling Kataphrakts,
20 easterling warriors,
Amdur lord of blades(foot mtd).

Azog Hunters:
Azog (foot mtd),
Yazneg(foot mtd),
Fimbul(foot mtd),
12 hunter orcs on foot,
gundabad orc warriors (as many as i can)
2x gundabad orc captains,
alternative gundabad orc warriors.

2x Mordor Troll Chieftains(prefe.. metal),
Mordor Troll plastic maces/clubs.(want 2 for the troll chieftains)

Other stuff

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar

Dwarves (prefer the latest)

Avatars of war Slayers/berserkerss regiment
Perry miniatures mounted man at arms

Other stuff you want from my list and feel interested, make an offer, even from things not listed
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