Collated Questions for All books

All questions or things you think are wrong about the new book to be posted here. Will collate into a long list and get it sent off after a while!

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Collated Questions for All books

Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:45 pm

The following post is all the questions collated for information for all the books such as general army building or scenarios.

Bold and Italliced 'Answers' are what I think/reccomend.

Q1) Can models have more than one upgrade? Such as Black Numenoreans 'Castellans of Umbar' and 'Venomblade Knights'


Q2) Do saves such as Malbeth and Durin's 'extra' saves, as well as the Undying/Castellan/Necromancer's way of spending fate count as a VP for Lords of Battle?

Malbeth and Durin's don't, whereas those that spend resources for fate do {debatable here Craig}

Q2b) Do Fury saves count for VPs in the scenarios that count Fate saves as VPs? This would be the evil equivalent of Malbeth when facing grubby the goblin king and a shaman.

Q3) Do models that count as a banner, such as The Dark Marhsall, Bosuns and the Golden King count as a banner for 'To the Death'?


Q4) In Reconnoitre do models that exit the board count towards reducing a force to 25%?


Q5) A cavalry model is a single model and the horse can be wounded seperately of the rider (refer to Volley Fire rules).

Do I get 1 VP for each wound on the mount of an enemy model if I kill it first? For example I shoot the horse out from underneath a Knight of Minas Tirith and then I kill the knight in close combat later in the game. It's the same model according to the rules. One is a cavalry model and the other is an infantry model.

Yep, you can get 'bonus' points against cavalry. Hence why my warg riders hate this scenario ;)

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