Collated Questions for 'Free Peoples'

All questions or things you think are wrong about the new book to be posted here. Will collate into a long list and get it sent off after a while!

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Collated Questions for 'Free Peoples'

Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:45 pm

The following post is all the questions collated for the book in the title.

Bold and Italliced 'Answers' are what I think/reccomend.

Q1) Gandalf the White no longer has Sorcerous Blast, is this an omission or deliberate?

An unfortunate omission, he should have Sorcerous Blast on a 4+

Q2) The Dwarf bow is not listed in the rules on page 5 to restrict them to 1/3 of warrior models. Is this an oversight or are they notrestricted to 1/3?

ALL bows, regardless of range, should have a 1/3 bow limit enforced upon them.

Q3) Has Glorfindel really lost his Terror?

As it stands, he does not have terror. We reccomend that he SHOULD have terror.

Q4) Gildor Inglorion's options allow him to upgrade only Wood Elf Warriors, a warrior type which the army list he is in (Eregion and Rivendell) does not have access to. Is this intended?


Q5) Thanduril's one use natures wrath has no resist. Really?

It's casting value counts as a 4 (Ie the base casting value of it).

Q6) Gandalf the White has also lost his The White Rider rules, is this correct?

Q7) The Dwarf King's Champion also comes with 2 hero Herald's. As the rules stand the's can't be organised into the same warband as the Champion which doesn't seem right. Should these not have a special rule to allow them to be part of the warband in the same way that heroes bought in pairs are?

Q8) How many shots can Legolas fire when Volley shooting, 1 or 3? And can he use his auto-hit when Volley Shooting?

[b][i]If this is ruled as anything apart from 1 shot when volleying and no auto-hit, I'll cry.

Q9) Shouldn't Bullroarer Took be in the Shire list so he can be a warband leader?

Q10) Hobbit archers no longer count as unarmed and now have a normal bow instead of a short bow and still only cost 4pts, is this correct?

Q11) Woses cannot move and shoot with blowpipe but the Mahud can, is this correct?

Q12) When the White Council rule say you may include "Elrond" in a White Council war band, does it mean the *character* called "Elrond" or the *profile* called "Elrond". The difference being can "Elrond, Master of Rivendell" be in a White Council warband or only the armored "Elrond"?

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