Collated Questions for 'Fallen Realms'

All questions or things you think are wrong about the new book to be posted here. Will collate into a long list and get it sent off after a while!

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Collated Questions for 'Fallen Realms'

Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:46 pm

The following post is all the questions collated for the book in the title.

Bold and Italliced 'Answers' are what I think/reccomend.

Q1) What is the Isengard Uruk-hai drummers profile? It seems to be missing.

As per a black guard drummer, with no S5 - Side note, makes black guard drummers better for nothing...? 40pts?

Q2) Thrydan's Wolfsbane wounds are multiplied to two before fate correct?


Q3) Can the Isengard Troll no longer shield?

Correct why do you say that? he has a shield - hithero

Q4) Mahud warriors now have the same points as a Morannon orc but one lower defense. Any reason to ever take these?

Not at the moment bar allies. Suggest delete question, Mahud have a better shoot value and poisoned darts.

Q5) Can you upgrade a Black Numenorean model with both upgrades?

Q6) Does the Corsair Bo'sun gain the benefit of his own Commanding Below?

Q7) If the Mahúd Camel Riders (or a Mumak) wins as part of a Heroic Fight, can it then impale/trample more people before it fights again?

Q8) Is the Mumak monstrous cavalry? According to the Crew section it is a mount for the Haradrim Chieftain and therefore would be a monsterous cavalry model the same as a Fell Beast.

Q9) Does Betrayer's special rule work on Venomblade upgreade option for Black Numeror Warriors?

Q10) The text for the Mumak has changed, does Panic Steed now work on it?

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