Collated Questions for 'Mordor'

All questions or things you think are wrong about the new book to be posted here. Will collate into a long list and get it sent off after a while!

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Collated Questions for 'Mordor'

Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:46 pm

The following post is all the questions collated for the book in the title.

Bold and Italliced 'Answers' are what I think/reccomend.

Q1) the Betrayer still has 4+ needed to cast Transfix and Compell where all other Wraith profiles cast Transfix easier, are both really supposed to be the same to cast?

A misprint, the betrayer's Compel should be on a 5+

Q2) P.46, The Death Of Kings
Does the Witch-King start with his basic amount of M/W/F or the maximum amount?

To be discussed

Q3) Should Gollum not be an independent hero? As the rules stand it appears that when he is placed within 6" of the Ringbearer his Warband will be to as they have to be deployed within 6" of the warband leader.

Gollum should be an independant hero

Q4) With regards to Gollum being allowed if the 'Ringbearer' is included, does this include Bilbo or Isildur, or purely Frodo?

Just Frodo

Q5) Can the Witch King's Morgul Blade be used from fellbeast. If so, when he wins a fight and knocks his opponent over, he get's all 6 dice to use, using the 'Morgul blades' special rules?


Q6) Can Khamul use all of his essence leech special rule from fellbeast, to both regain will and increase the attacks of his fellbeast?

He may regain will from the back of his fellbeast, unsure about the rest...TBD

Q7) If the Knight of Umbar transfixes then charges, say, Glorfindel, can he use Glorfindel's statline attacks of 3, or would it revert to 1 courtesy of the effects of the spell?

He would steal the 1 attack as opposed to 3

Q8) Does Shagrat War-Leader's shield only knock down other infantry, as it counts as cavalry, or can it knock down cavalry and models above S6?

Just infantry

Q9) May you take Shagrat War-Leader and Shagrat Captain of Cirith-Ungol in the same force?


Q10) Does Kardush the Firecaller really only have 1 Wound and 2 Attacks?

A misprint, he should have 2 wounds and 1 attack

Q11) The Spider Queens 'Pounce' rule references 'Models on foot'. Does this extend to models such as Sauron or a Balrog? Ie, every model in the game bar monstrous mounts such as fellbeasts?


Q12) Warg Riders lost the 'Crude spear' rule, so when they are dismounted do they keep their throwing spears as opposed to normal spears?

Correct Why is this being asked? - (Dave, it's being asked as there are no foot orcs with throwing spears :) )

Q13) Can you use the Mordor Troll's Drum to increase the move of a mumak, as it doesn't charge, and thus gain 11" of impacts


Q14) The Great Beast states that it only counts as one model for purposes of warband and bow model counts. Does this also mean that it only counts as one for break point? Those orcs on the back of the beast could survive the fall and thus add models back into a broken force to make it unbroken if this is true?

No, nothing is stated that break point model count is any different to normal

Q15) When shooting at or from the Great Beasts archers, where do you measure from? And do you have to somehow indicate which orc archer is slain?

Q16) How do you work out the effects of a Sorcerous Blast onto the Great Beast and/or crew? What happens to the crew if the Great Beast is knocked prone? Do they automatically remount when the Great Beast stands up?

Q17) If the Great Beast wins as part of a Heroic Fight, can it then trample more people before it fights again?

Q18) If you were to field the Necromancer, could you upgrade the crew members on top of the Gorgoroth Beast to have F 4/4+, at the same time effectively giving F4 to the Beast, since it counts as a mount for them?

Q19) Can Black Numenorean Marshalls really no longer take lances?

Q20) I don't know if we've ever had an official answer regarding this, but it's been around for years:
If Sauron has the Ring, what happens if a model performs an action that would cause an instant kill (such as the King of the Dead or the fire of a Dragon)?

This came up in an FAQ a while back IIRC, but he 'stops' at one wound then gets his ring save.

Q21) Can the Orc crew 'flee' when failing a courage test if the force is broken or do I only have to test once for the entire model?

Q22) If the Orc crew can 'flee' when failing a courage test, does this mean that the entire model is removed if the driver fails his test or does one of the archers (that may have passed its test) take control of the beast?

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