Collated Questions for 'Kingdoms of Men'

All questions or things you think are wrong about the new book to be posted here. Will collate into a long list and get it sent off after a while!

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Collated Questions for 'Kingdoms of Men'

Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:46 pm

The following post is all the questions collated for the book in the title.

Bold and Italliced 'Answers' are what we think/reccomend.

Q1) One question Im pretty sure about, but would be nice to have cleared up is for the Kings Huntsman. His rule allows him to pass in the way rolls on anything but a 1, when shooting at heroes mounted on montrous mounts (ie fell beasts) does he choose which his original target is (ie. can choose the beast if he wishes, or the rider) and is it still a 2+ roll?

Im pretty sure it is like that, but just making sure it not hit the rider on a 2+ and beast only on a 1.

Correct. You would get any in the ways up to the monstrous mount, but since you target a model, you would then randomise as per normal and not on a 2+

Q2) Can you please confirm that the cost of an Outrider is correct because they cost the same as a Warrior of Rohan with a bow but have a better Shoot and Courage value and a special rule!

Annoying, but correct. The only redeeming feature of warriors of rohan is that they can be upgraded. A reccomended fix would be to increase the cost of outriders by at least a point.

Q3) The Riders of the Dead are now full cavalry, what is their horses stats? I would have thought it would be D7, the same as the rider as they don't ride normal horses.

Seeing as their horses are also ghostly and evil, we currently reccomend using the horse as D7

Q4) When both armed with shields, the Rider of the Dead has D7 and the Warrior of the Dead D8, shouldn't they be the same?

Currently they are different. One way of thinking about it is that the rider cannot use his shield to his full potential whilst on horse back. Potential fix is to allow the purchase of a shield for 1pt, thus making them D8 - then this rule would need to apply to all cavalry. There are many inconsistancies where Defence is concerned, maybe this is one of those game balance moments. - hithero

Q5) Boromir's Banner of Minas Tirith says +1 fight to Warriors in the Gondor army list, there is no Gondor army list. Should the banner effect both the Minas Tirith list and Fiefdoms or just Minas Tirith?

Reccomended answer is that it gives +1 Fight to both

Q6) Just to clarify, can you roll for Madril's warband first and thus the rest of your warbands get his bonus, or do all warbands roll simultaneously?

You may roll for Madril first and everyone else gets his bonus essentially suggest delete this question, warbands are rolled for one at a time. - hithero

Q7) If the knight of the white tower chooses to use his white sword one handed, does his wounds still multiply by two, or is this only if he chooses to use it 2-handed

He may get the bonus if he uses his sword 1 handed You don't get the oppotunity to use a 2-handed weapon one handed, a model uses a hand weapon instead. So no, the bonus should not apply if not using the White Sword - hithero

Q8) Does Aragorn's 'Master of the Wilderness' no longer apply to rangers of middle earth, as it says 'Warriors of Arnor' and both rangers of arnor and warriors of arnor fall under the title 'Warriors of Arnor' in the book?

It does apply to the rangers too as per the heading 'Warriors of Arnors'

Q9) With regards to 'Unbreakable Bond', when it says 'must do everything he can to charge the model' does that include if there is a remote possibility of charging said model using a heroic combat/move?

No, it just applies during the 'move' phase. - this was in an FAQ before, you must attemt heroics combats etc -hithero

Q10) Eorl the Young has heavy armour and shield, should his Defence not be 7?

Q11) The Kings Huntsman has a special rule Master Archer and can replenish his Might when he slays a Hero or Monster. Does this have to be with shooting?

Q12) Duinhir and the Blackroot Vale Archers can re-roll failed To Wound Rolls.
If they need say 6/4+ and only roll 6/3 are both the dice re-rolled or just the 3?
If a die fails to wound and is re-rolled to a 6 but the second roll is again a 3, are both dice re-rolled, just the second or neither, as the die has already been re-rolled once already?

Q13) Boromir of Gondor's banner gives +1FV to 'Gondor' troops, but there is no Gondor section anymore, does this apply to both Minas Tirith and Fiefdoms lists, meaning you can have FV4 Warriors of the dead for example?

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