peoples choice contest

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peoples choice contest

Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:55 pm

so now that contests are a regular thing on here, was thinking to add one more categorie to the contest....a peoples choice winner. Mods can still be the final say for each categorie, then there can be a peoples choice winner voted by the members (sort of like how Slayer Sword is a seperate thing from the GD, picking from all the winners of GD's).
How I would think it would work is to open up a thread on the same day that you lock the others for Mod voting, this would be a voting thread with the same rules as only one post per member, vote for only one entry among all the entries for fan fav. 1 week later that thread is locked and that also is good Mod Voting time, then when all the results are in for mod and member (or when you get around to posting the results whichever comes first) you can post that result too.
This would encourage membership participation in the contest too.

As a sub thought to this, you could maintain an OPEN categorie on top of the story arch contests for just fan voting if you wanted it seperate.

just thoughts.
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