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GBHL Tactica Tidbits

Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:10 pm

Looking to learn how to use SBG rules better, or tactica on how to improve your game or use of certain armies, heroes or units?

Check out the GBHL YouTube Channel's "Tactica Tidbit" series!

We will aim to regularly release a video covering SBG tactics! So continue to support your Hobbit Hobby and get subscribed!

Happy strategy battle gaming guys - GBHL James

GBHL Tactica TidBit Archive
1) Piercing Strike -
2) Sons of Eorl -
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Re: GBHL Tactica Tidbits

Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:42 am

Yay. More videos please!

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Re: GBHL Tactica Tidbits

Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:26 pm

I think these videos for unit tactics are great! You give a very detailed explanation for each unit and great ways to use them, though I was a bit underwhelmed by your tactica for Peircing strike since it seemed more like a How to tutorial rather than tactics. But this is ok though as I know your just starting to build your foundation.

Regarding any advice I have for the future episodes, I understand that you are both very busy and doing these shows for free, and therefore you dont have time to upload a lot of videos. So making a video for every single model may feel a bit drawn out for you guys. I suggest for both simplicity, saving time uploading, and saving time switching videos for your audience, that you instead create a video that encompasses an entire army (not the whole book, just the individual armies.) You can of course split this up into for example: Rohan Heroes and Rohan Units. Some races that are a bit larger, like mordor and moria, you can of course split further, but Im sure you get the idea. This will also have the added benifet of making your videos for a certain unit easier to find since it would group them up logically.

If you do plan on using this method, then I recommend writing notes of what you plan to say about each unit down so that you dont get bogged down or forget anything. Or you can use Jump cut editing to speed it up, as I have seen you do in other videos.

Just food for thought!

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