Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

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Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:36 am

Helm Hammerhand (Man)
Points Value: 90

Move F S D A W C M W F
6” 5/4+ 4 6 3 2 5 3 2 2

Heavy Armour, Mithril Hammer

Special Rules
Hammerhand - Helm Hammerhand never counts as being unarmed.
Mithril Hammer – Two-Handed weapon. When Helm Hammerhand fights with the hammer, he adds +1 to his dice rolls on the Wound chart, but does not suffer the usual -1 penalty on the roll to win the fight.
Expert Rider. See main rules manual.

• Armoured Horse ………………………………….…………..… 15pts

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Re: Helm Hammerhand

Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:40 am

Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand was added to Legions of Middle Earth, but his profile never arrived.

Helm Hammerhand was the ninth King of Rohan and last King of the first line. His rule was plagued by war with the Dunlendings, who attempted to usurp his rule of Rohan. Helm was called Hammerhand because of his grim nature, great strength and prowess; he also was known to fight barehanded sometimes attributed to a superstition that if "he used no weapon no weapon would upon bite him".

It was said that Helm had friends among the Dwarves, who helped fortify Helm's Deep and who gave him a gift of a mithril warhammer, which is rumored to have been hidden in the Glittering Caves at the Hornburg.

About this profile
This profile is based on Faramir Captain of Ithilien, for easy comparison and balance purposes. Helm costs an additional 15pts which is all allocated to increasing his damage output: it pays for 1 extra attack and the Mithril Hammer rule, with expert rider to round the cost out.

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Re: Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:47 am

Great to have Helm Hammerhead!

He should have some special rule or quality to represent the grim nature.

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Re: Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:53 am

Hammerhand looks good.
I think the price looks right too, at 15 more than Faramir.
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Re: Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:41 pm

Helm Hammerhand

This is one of the few I’m not Sold on.
Helm is a tricky character to write for. There’s a fine between being a beat stick combat extraordinaire and being better than a captain. And Helm I feel needs to sit in the cap between the two.

At the moment he’s Far to hitty. He’s pretty much a Rohan version of Dwalin.
I understand the need to make his profile represent his strength but I don’t feel that the method of “inseret Dwarven +1 to wound axe here” is the way to go.
Helm Hammerhand favored fighting with his bare hands and disliked using weapons. The way it stands why would you ever not fight with the +1 to wound with no modifiers Hammer.
I think that Helms Two-handed hammer should just be that. A two-handed -1 to wound hammer that he can chose to fight with if he really needs it. If you do this at the same time as boosting his base strength to 5 it gives the controlling player a real choice as what to do.
Do I fight with the plus 1 to wound realizing I’ll have a minus one to win the combat. OR. Do I fight with my bare hands forgoing the minus one? This gives Players a choice which is what the profile should be about.

On the same vein about choice I think that 3 attacks is a bit too high. Remember he can take a horse which he almost always do, but 4 attacks as his points stand on the charge is a bit too high. I’d lower it down to a base of 2 and really make the player work for that cav charge for his 3rd attack and make the player think "can Helm take this fight?"

The last thing I want to mention is where is Helm’s horn? Helm was known for blasting his horn when he charged into the enemy’s line causing their ranks to scatter. I think a Horn like Durins would be perfect for Helm. A horn that provides Terror (to represent his ferocity in combat) as well as a plus one courage (to show his boarder line fearlessness), yes that would fit perfectly.


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Re: Helm Hammerhand - Playtest

Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:39 am

But Kylie , out of everyone in middle earth he shouldn't have the neg 1 for the hammer ,due to the hammer being made out of mithril . The lightest and strongest metals in Middle Earth :D.

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