Proxies in tournaments?

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Proxies in tournaments?

Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:07 am

I recall back in the day that proxies were permitted provided it was very clear that the proxied mini was 1.)an LOTR mini and 2.)The conversion made to the proxy was more than on odd colored paint job. There had to be clear alterations to the mini, such as added gear with green stuff, weapons swaps, etc.

Is this still the case? If I were to show up at a tourney with an Arnor force and my Halbarad was made from a weapon swapped RotN, would I be allowed to field him as Halbarad? Or if I made my own warriors of Arnor by taking WoMT and giving them heads from Warriors of Rohan, is this legal or is the tournament scene such that I *MUST* play the actual unit. Do I have to hunt down Halbarad and a bunch of WoA?

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Re: Proxies in tournaments?

Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:29 am

Assuming you are not going to a GW tournament (if there still is such a thing!), it's going to be up to the TO.

As a general rule as long as the conversion / proxy is clear, correctly armed and there is no other identical/similar model it might be confused with, TOs allow it.

For example, at any tournament I run Halbarad made from a weapon swapped RotN would be fine, as long as it is the only RotN model or clearly different from the others.

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